I am currently a product manager and scientist at Seven Bridges Genomics, a pretty cool startup company located in Boston for scalable cloud-based computing of your genomics data.

I love product development, market research and of course, software development. I hope to help people build an ecosystem and community for data sharing, management and analysis to improve people's life quality and bridge everybody: patients, scientist and physicians ultimately.

Before that I got my Ph.D. in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology with a focus on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Iowa State University with a Ph.D. minor in Statistics. My phd research interest is about large scale omics data analysis, especially high-throughput genomic data. I am a big fan of R and Bioconductor, have developed several packages like biovizBase, ggbio . I had been working with Prof. Dianne Cook, Prof.Heike Hoffman and the team on interactive and dynamic visualization, for example R package cranvas funded by ggobi project.